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We have also thought about bigger celebrations at your home.


Celebration dinner is intended for 6 persons.

- Fried vegetables

- Potatoes fried in herbs

- Grubotto with mushrooms

- Italian plate (fuet, prosciutto, Emmental cheese, cheddar cheese, brie cheese, bread chips, sun-dried tomatoes, grapes, olives) - Fish plate (lightly salted salmon, fried tiger prawns, smoked mackerel) - Caesar salad with chicken 2x

- Black lentil salad with fried pumpkin, spinach, walnuts and goat cheese 2x

- Homemade bacon bread roll with herb-butter spread

- Currant fresh cheesecake (diameter 20cm)


A festive table is a great way to celebrate the holidays in your home without worrying about preparing a meal and enjoying a peaceful day, letting us take care of the festive table. The concept is as follows - order a festive table and indicate the desired time and date of delivery in the comment of the order payment step. We will wait for you to visit to receive your order, everything will be prepared in two handy boxes, in which the hot food will be freshly taken out of the oven and wrapped in foil, the cold food - in a separate box. Everything is just so ready to be put on the table. Enjoy the feeling of the holidays in your home without worries, with full bellies and in an atmosphere of great conversation. We will wait for your order and let's create a holiday together!



*The images are illustrative and the offer may differ from the one shown in the image

Celebration table with stuffed roast duck with citrus - tequila sweet cream sauce

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